As the snow finally melts after what has seemed like a never-ending winter, it’s time to start thinking about all the spring maintenance tasks that you will need to around your home. Spring always feels like a fresh start so use that as motivation as you work around your yard and home!

Here are 6 spring maintenance tasks for homeowners:

  1. Check the roof

    There is no need to pull out a ladder at this point; stand back from your home and do a visual inspection: “with binoculars and a keen eye, you can probably spot trouble.” Winter snow and ice can be very tough on roofs, so look for shingles that have shifted or are lifting. If you notice anything, it is always advisable to call in a professional.

  2. Check your outside faucets 

    You hopefully took the time in the fall to shut off the water and drain outside faucets properly, but it is always wise to check them carefully to ensure that the pipes did not freeze and crack. There are a few simple things you can do to check them. Turn the water on and block the faucet with either your thumb or finger; if you can stop the flow, there is likely a leak inside your home. Also, with the water on, check the pipes inside for leaks.

  3. Clean your air conditioner 

    Be ready for that warm summer weather by cleaning your air conditioner now. Make sure that it is clear of any debris (leaves etc.) and vacuum out any dust or dirt that might have settled in it over the winter months.

  4. Trim back any trees or bushes 

    “Spring is a good time to trim branches of shrubs and trees away from your house —get an early start before leaves grow and while you can see individual limbs.”  Small jobs can generally be handled by homeowners but know your limitations; hiring a professional arborist is always the best idea for larger tasks.

  5. Clean up your lawns 

    Rake away any of the debris left behind from winter; this will allow your lawn to grow better. Examine your lawn for spots that may need to be seeded, you will want to do this soon as grass seed doesn’t do well in the hot summer sun!

  6. Clean the Gutters 

    Get the ladder out and clean those gutters! They are probably full of leaves and other debris from the fall and winter. Remember, gutters are very important for the drainage around your home and this often neglected task should be done twice a year!

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